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Vote FOR Perkins' Schools on May 2nd!

The Facts

  • Perkins Schools’ operating levy on the May ballot is 6.9-mill levy to fund day-to-day operating costs for our schools.


  • Perkins Schools has not had a new operating levy in 17 years. Even with passage of this levy, Perkins Schools will continue to look for responsible cost efficiencies to stretch operating dollars as long as possible.


  • State funding reductions to Perkins Schools have resulted in the loss of millions of dollars for Perkins Schools. The Governor’s recent proposed budget reflects an additional reduction in Perkins’ state core funding for next year of more than 4%. 


  • Perkins teachers and staff have not had a base salary increase since 2008, and in the last few years – the district has eliminated more than forty teaching, administrative, and classified positions to reduce salary and healthcare costs.


  • The State of Ohio has placed Perkins Schools under fiscal caution status, and a state audit is underway to make recommendations for additional reductions.


  • This levy funding is critically needed to maintain Perkins’ quality of education, including:

          - Ensuring students have access to up-to-date courses, learning technology, and classroom materials so they
            are prepared for college and good jobs.

          - Continuing to offer gifted and advanced placement courses to students.

          - Paying for fuel and bus services to ensure that reliable and safe transportation is available to students
            throughout the community.

          - Providing enough counselors, tutors, and nurses to support students’ needs.

  •  Without this levy, our schools will have to cut dozens more teachers and staff, and make drastic cuts to programs, courses, transportation, and other student services.


  • The Board of Education has reduced the millage amount in an effort to be responsive to the residents’ input.The cost of this levy is less than $5 a week or about $20 a month per $100,000 of property value ($20.13/month or $4.65/week).

Paid for by Citizens for Perkins Schools, c/o Sally Burger, Deputy Treasurer, 4707 Hayes Avenue, Sandusky, OH  44870